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The River is Calling! And You Must Go.

Nothing says fun like a day on the river. And nothing says a day on the river like paddling down cascading rapids on the Pigeon River near Gatlinburg. We took the short 30-minute drive to meet up with our outfitter host, Smoky Mountain Outdoors, and put our paddles to work in bringing you a complete guide on planning your whitewater rafting adventure in Gatlinburg. Spoiler alert: you may get wet!

Smoky Mountain Outdoors

Family owned and operated since 1993, Smoky Mountain Outdoors has some of the best trips down the Pigeon River for ages 3+ years or older. Guests can set the pace of their rafting journey by choosing between tours along the lower, upper and extreme river areas, or settle for the best of both waters in a combo whitewater outing.

At 6.5 miles, the upper river run is the longest route and a favorite amongst visitors, with plenty of big drops and plunging through Class III and Class IV rapids to keep you on your toes. Smoky Mountain Outdoors operates from early spring till Labor Day, allowing guests the option of planning their venture around peak visitor seasons.

Whatever the season you visit, you are guaranteed to have a good time being guided on the water by one of their friendly, expertly-trained rafting instructions. While safety is always top priority, the folks at Smoky Mountain Outdoors make it easy for rafters to relax and enjoy their day out on the river. After your adventure, there’s nothing you’ll want more than a seat under the Smoky Mountain Outdoor’s covered pavilion and a Lost Guide Eatery lunch.

Discover details on Smoky Mountain Outdoors seasonal schedule on their website here.

Other Recommended Rafting Outfitters

Conveniently located just 30-minutes from Gatlinburg, these additional whitewater rafting outfitters are also at the top of our recommendation list. They offer some of the most exhilarating runs for every skill level and excursion.

Rafting in the Smokies

A pioneer outfitter, Rafting in the Smokies has been paddling through Smoky Mountain waters since 1978. They pride themselves on their well-trained guides, who safely and expertly guide guests on countless rip-roaring adventures every season. The outfitter also offers Family Float Rafting for the groups that want to take it easy on the water plus swifter runs for thrill-seekers.

Nantahala Outdoor Center

As part of the nation’s largest outdoor recreation company, the staff at Nantahala Outdoor Center know a thing or two about getting outside. At their Great Smoky Mountain rafting location guests as young as 3+ years or older can have fun on gentler waters, while more experienced rafters can step up the excitement with runs that boast Class IV rapids. Nantahala Outdoor Center also offers additional outdoor recreational activities and specialty group prices.

Know Before You Go

Call Ahead. It’s always a good idea to call these outfitters a day before your scheduled outing to learn about expected water flow conditions. Droughts, dam-controlled water discharges and other factors can ultimately affect river flow and your rafting experience.

What to Bring. The recommended rafting attire consists of waterproof or quick-drying clothing items and close-toed shoes. Protective sunscreen and a change of clothing are also advised.

There’s no better way to experience some of the most scenic parts of the Smokies than from a raft – so enjoy the ride with any of these three whitewater rafting outfitters! See you on the river!

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